Hi friends!
I have sooo much stuff, some that I will never get around to using. And soo much wool it's scary! It's time to start a big destash!
I thought it best to try this on a separate blog, instead of going through the hassle of listing everything on etsy. What doesn't sell here, will be put up on etsy after the beginning of the year.

I want to make it simple! LOL
I'll post pictures and a short description, and a discounted price for everything. If you're interested in purchasing the item(s) just send me an email at CallMeMrsDanT@aol.com and I will post that it's sold.
I have a different email addy for paypal - which I will give you via email. (too many spammers find blogs!)
That's it :)
Hope you find something that you'd love to take off my hands! :D
Bren :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

First Batch of Wools

Ok, the next installment in the de-stash! 
Sheesh this is going to take me forever! This is just the tip of the iceberg! :( 

Just to clear up some confusion... i am not quitting hooking. (granted it's taken a backseat to my quilting right now, but I still hook!)
However, I am no longer pursuing my hooking business. And I really haven't for the last couple of years.  So, I need to start purging most of my inventory, which was quite an ongoing investment, and try to recoup a bit instead of just let it collect dust! 
I considered selling it as a whole business, but didn't want to go that route, as I might change my mind and dive back in later! LOL  
I considered contacting some friends that teach, to see if they were interested in purchasing these things in large quantities - But I decided to offer them to you all first. :)
Because let's be honest - 25-30% off my normal low prices of yummy wool and hooking goodies is a far happier place than paying 25-30% more if buying it from a teacher or camp, right?! : D 

The hard part is knowing where to start! 
I have many bolts of wool. Some lower yardage. Some already in fat quarters. Lots dyed in fat quarters. And other scragglers! 
So... I just picked a few to get started. I'm not really sure what the best way to do this is?
If you have any suggestions, or preferences - pleeeaaseee drop a comment and let me know!! 
Especially on the dyed wools!? Would you prefer yard bundles monochromatic? Or mixed colors? 
There is no way I can do all of those separately, it really would take me forever! LOL!! I would love to hear your thoughts!
Also, another question I've received...  Yes, I am happy to start a box for you! 
Shipping is so expensive these days, and since this might take me a little time, and I know you don't want to "miss out" because your other box just shipped!  So just let me know what you would like, I will mark it as sold and put it in your box, and when you have hit your fill just let me know and we can settle up and ship your box! 

Ok, so how I decided to do this was the easiest way I could think of! 
I've numbered them all, which should make it much easier for you, and for me! :)
The first 14 are bolt yardage. Please specify the number of the wool and how much you want. They are $19/yd. I have anywhere from 8-15 yards of each. (Some I have several bolts of... so 30 or 40 yards. It will all just boil down to communication!)
These are all wools that overdye beautifully!!! And are gorgeous neutrals!

#'s 15,16,17,18 I only have a couple yards of - but they are not cut into quarters or half yards yet.

19-35 are already in fat quarters and are $5 each.- normally 7.50 (i have 5 or 6 of each.. sometimes more. I will mark here as each is gone)

Neutral yardage


#11 - SOLD OUT. #12 SOLD OUT

2-4 yards left.... of the next few

 this brown and orange is mismarked below - it is #17 like above!! But these pics show the front and back - the colors are reversed.  19 & 20 are available in fat quarters.

Fat Quarters - $5 each

#25 SOLD

Bundle #1 - $20  (one yard total)- I have 5 of these bundles

Bundle 3 - (I cannot get a good picture of these!!) Fabulous darks! I use these all together for gorgeous dark backgrounds!! 
Two options here
$80- for 1/2yd of each of the 8
$40- for 1/2yd of 4, my choice

Ok, that's it for today. More to come, hopefully tomorrow! 
Please give me your thoughts on how you would like to see the dyed wools!?
I used to sell my dyed fat quarters for $10 each or $40/yd. I will be destashing them at $7.50each, or $30/yd.


  1. Hi Bren, I don't find your email link listed anywhere...not sure how you arrange payment. I am interested in 15 and 17, but would like fat quarters...will that work? Thank you!

    1. Hi Missie! I didn't see your comment here!
      My email is at the very top of the page :) It's CallMeMrsDanT@aol.com. And yes, fat quarters are do-able :)

  2. Hey there - just found you here. Are you still selling wool?

    Please let me know how to connect