Hi friends!
I have sooo much stuff, some that I will never get around to using. And soo much wool it's scary! It's time to start a big destash!
I thought it best to try this on a separate blog, instead of going through the hassle of listing everything on etsy. What doesn't sell here, will be put up on etsy after the beginning of the year.

I want to make it simple! LOL
I'll post pictures and a short description, and a discounted price for everything. If you're interested in purchasing the item(s) just send me an email at CallMeMrsDanT@aol.com and I will post that it's sold.
I have a different email addy for paypal - which I will give you via email. (too many spammers find blogs!)
That's it :)
Hope you find something that you'd love to take off my hands! :D
Bren :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Struggling - photographer I am NOT!

We're trying oh so hard to get decent pictures! 
This was always the hardest part of selling online - trying to get ACCURATE pictures. 
I took advantage of the indirect morning light this morning, thinking that would be perfect - nope all the pics came out washed out and splotchy - which the wools are not! 
So waited a little while longer and took them over to a corner - thinking not so much light= good thing. And my constant companion just HAS to be no more than 3 feet away from me at any given point! lol  
Anyway... those pictures are still totally inaccurate :( 
I will try early afternoon, late afternoon, and hey.. maybe pitch black with a flash! LOL! 
Something's gotta work!! 


  1. Ahhhhh Bren,I love your little helper!!! Aren't Goldens great!!!! Now if that was my Brit he would be laying ON the wool!!! Can't wait to see more wool pictures. Sure wish I was rich, we thought for sure we'd win yesterday's lottery, but.....well we didn't!!!


  2. LOL Cyndi! We didn't win either! :/
    And yes, my golden is always glued to my side! And would have been ON the wool if i hadn't just tugged it out from under her! hahaha!! She's a big dork for sure! :D